Loss gain weight Cycle

Fed up with the loss/gain weight cycle?

Tried most diets?

Some people find that it is relatively easy to reduce their weight when they are on a strict “diet”, but that it won’t stay off, relapsing into old habits and gaining even more weight than before. This is due to the fact that when you start a strict “diet” regime, and dramatically reduce your calorie intake, your body thinks it is going towards starvation mode and hence slows down your metabolic rate and makes it more prone to storing fat. With a reduced metabolic rate, when you start eating “normally” again, you will gain even more weight than before. The temptation is to then start another strict diet regime and so the cycle continues. As a person’s weight constantly goes up and down, often called “yo-yo” dieting, it can leave a person feeling a failure and with low self-esteem, hence “comfort” eating becomes more likely. Sounds familiar?

What will hypnotherapy do for you?

If you are committed to reducing your weight, then hypnotherapeutic suggestions can enable you to achieve your goals.

Simple suggestions, changing your perceptions about food and eating, will be made, whilst you are in a relaxed state. In this way, unhealthy eating habits such as eating too fast, eating unhealthy food for stress relief, binge eating (tailor made to your particular issues) can all be addressed.

Hypnotherapy also significantly boosts your will power, motivation and energy to succeed with your weight management programme.

Sounds good? What have you got to lose, apart from weight?

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